New Year, New Challenges

Charline and Eudes became first-time parents only 3 months ago yet they decided not to let that stop them from regularly exercising together and spending plenty of family time in the outdoors. This is in fact what inspired the couple to sign up to an event such as the Tour de Bintan, which would allow both of them to take part and take their baby along at the same time. Read more of their story below;

Charline – ‘The Tour de Bintan is our new couple goal! The last one was the Paris half-marathon three years ago. When I think of it, I think it has been too long already. But then, we got married, moved to Singapore, settled in our new life, found new habits, and recently had a new addition to the family: a wonderful baby boy. 

So we figured it was about time to have a new sport challenge. We have always liked sports. Sometimes we need motivation but we could say it is a passion of ours. 

My husband recently started cycling around Singapore, and he was riding non-stop every Sunday! I didn’t want to miss out, so I decided to follow him with roller-skates and the baby stroller but we figured, why not train for the Tour de Bintan?

So we registered with another couple and we agreed the women would do the 55km Gran Fondo Discovery race on Sunday whilst the men will ride the longer course tour on the Saturday! This will also allow us to bring our baby along so he can support Mummy AND Daddy! No one will be jealous ;)’



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