1.  Event Information

What is the Tour de Batam?
Formally known as the Tour de Bintan, the Tour de Batam is a UCI sanctioned cycling event held in Batam, Indonesia. There are distances available for all cycling levels. It is one of the only three (3) races in Asia where participants can obtain their ticket for the official UCI Gran Fondo World Championship qualifications.

2. Race Distances

What are the race distances?

Individual Time Trial    15km

Gran Fondo Challenge 82km

Gran Fondo Classic       149km (Male) 129km (Female)

Gran Fondo Discovery   52km

Gran Fondo Century   104km

3. Registration FAQs

Where do I register?

You can register here.

When is the entry deadline?

Registration will be closed once the race reaches maximum capacity.

Definitely, no registration on race day.

I have deferred my Tour de Bintan 2020 entry to 2023. Do I need to re-register?
Yes, you should have received an email with a unique code to use in the registration for Tour de Batam 2023. If you have not receive your code, please write in to us at Tourdebatam@metasport.com.
I am unable to race. Can I get a refund?
Once the registration form has been processed, there will be no refunds.
I am unable to race. Can I transfer my entry to another athlete?
Unfortunately, no. All race entries are strictly non-transferable.
Are team substitutions allowed?

Substitutions within a team are allowed during the registration period within the following conditions:

  • The replacing riders must be of the same team and same category.
  • The team must have at least 8 riders registered.
  • The team is allowed to substitute 2 riders only
  • New rider must meet the minimum age requirement.
  • Disclaimer must be read and agreed to by all replacement riders
  • MetaSport holds the right to refuse substitutions
  • Strictly no changes once registration has officially closed. Any requests after this date are no longer honored.

    Please email us at tourdebatam@metasport.com indicating your team name, the substitution category, the name of the rider you would like to remove and the name and date of birth of the new rider. There will be a change fee of S$20 per change.

    Do I get a discount for group registrations (i.e. more than 10 pax)?

    Because Tour de Batam is a group race, we cannot provide group discounts.

    When is the race kit collection?

    For participants with package options:

    Date: Friday, 22 Sep 2023
    Time: 10:00-19:30
    Venue: Turi Beach Resort

    It is mandatory for all participants with package options to collect their race kits on Friday.

    For GF Challenge day trip participants:

    Date: Saturday, 23 Sep 2023
    Time: 7:30-8:30
    Venue: Turi Beach Resort

    For GF Discovery day trip participants:

    Date: Saturday, 23 Sep 2023
    Time: 7:30-8:30
    Venue: Turi Beach Resort

    Participants who do not collect their race kit won’t be able to race.

    What’s in the race kit?
    1.       1x Safety Wrist Bracelet
    2.       1x Race Bib (to be worn on the back) 
    3.       1x Bike Flag (with timing chip, to be pasted on the seatpost)
    4.       1x Helmet Sticker to stick on the front of your helmet
    I’ve lost my race kit. What should I do?

    Report the missing race kit to the Information booth immediately. We will assist in finding or replacing your kit.

    4.  Race FAQs

    How do I know my age category?

    All age groups’ age category is determined by the participant’s age as on 31 December 2023.

    What time do I need to be at the race?

    It is optimal to be at the race venue at least one hour before your wave start time. Your wave start time is available online and in the athlete’s guide.

    Is there a bag deposit at the race site?

    Yes, bag deposit is provided for all participants near the bike depot.

    Important Note: Bag deposit is only for race participants.

    What time does the race finish? / How long does it take to finish the race?

    Finish time varies and generally depends on how fast you are. See cut-off times below.

    What are the cut off times?

    Cut-off times for the Gran Fondo Classic and Century are based on an average speed of 20km/hr.
    Cut-off times for the Gran Fondo Challenge and Discovery are based on an average speed of 16km/hr.
    Cyclists that miss a cut-off point must either take a short-cut or enter the bus for transfer to the finish line, depending on the cut-off point.

    Will there be a race briefing?

    Yes, you will receive all the race information in the athlete’s e-guide in the week leading up to race day.

    What bike restrictions are there?

    Only conventional road bikes are allowed in the Gran Fondo Classic and Century.

    For the Gran Fondo Challenge and Discovery, conventional road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes are allowed.

    Tandems, recumbent bicycles or hand cycles are also allowed in the Gran Fondo Challenge and Discovery, but they must start at the rear of the peloton

    Triathlon handlebars, aerobars, bar extensions and bull horns are not allowed.

    Handlebar ends have to be solidly plugged.

    We will have bike mechanics on site that can assist you with any last-minute issues that may come up.

    5.  Timing Chips FAQs

    Where do I wear my timing chip?

    Timing chips are attached to your numbered bike flag. This needs to be attached to your seat post. (The timing chip sticker on the bike flag should not touch the seat post.) Please see the e-brief for more instructions on how to properly attach the bike flag.

    6.  Categories & Waves FAQs

    How do I know my category?

    Your category is based on your age as of 31 December 2023 and your gender. Check categories here.

    Participants must at least be 18 years old to take part in the Individual Time Trial, Gran Fondo Classic and Gran Fondo Century events, and 19 years old to qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in the Individual Time Trial and Gran Fondo Classic.

    Participants must be at least 16 years old to take part in the Gran Fondo Challenge and Gran Fondo Discovery events.

    Parents consent is mandatory for participants under 18 years old.

    7.  Support on the Road FAQs

    Will there be mechanical support?

    Yes, a team of mechanics will provide mechanic services at the race venue and on the road.


    Cyclists are advised to bring their bikes in good condition to Batam (and with basic spares). The mechanic services provided at the Tour de Batam are meant to be for emergencies only.

    Neutral wheels:

    The neutral wheels provided have Shimano 10-speed or 11-speed cassettes.

    Neutral wheels rules:

    Neutral wheels must be returned to the bike mechanic immediately after each stage.

    (It is highly recommended that cyclists who choose to ride tubular tyres, bring a spare pair of wheels, in case there is not enough time for the glue of a new tyre to harden between stages.)

    The event organiser and contractors will take good care of the wheels, but are not liable for any damage to wheels once exchanged for a neutral wheel.

    Mechanic cars

    Cars with mechanics will follow the cyclists on the rides. They will focus on small repairs/quick fixes to enable them to stay with the peloton and provide their services to as many cyclists as possible.

    SAG wagon: 

    There will be vehicles to transfer cyclists back to the start and finish area. Cyclists that cannot or do not wish to continue are advised to proceed to the nearest feed zone to be transferred back to the start and finish area.

    Cyclists collected by the SAG wagon are handed over to the ‘repatriation’ vehicles whenever the SAG wagon passes a feed zone.

    Note that there will be waiting time for the SAG wagon transfers.

    Important – Please respect our service staff

    Any form of verbal/physical abuse to our service staff will result in immediate disqualification.

    While a mechanic issue may ruin your race, that’s part of cycling. With more than 1,000 cyclists on the road, although the mechanics will give you the best assistance possible, they may not be able to assist everyone.

    You are advised to not fully rely on the neutral wheels and mechanics and bring spare tubes and a repair kit to fix punctures.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Will there be Feed Zones?

    Cyclists are advised to start with two full drink bottles. The Organiser does not provide drinks or drink bottles at the start (something to consider before you throw your bottles away for a sprint finish).

    What to expect in the Feed Zones?

    Feed zones consist of a bottle handout area and a recovery tent.

    Team or personal support vehicles are not allowed.

    Littering is not allowed. Empty bottles are to be discarded within the drink station litter zone, which starts 100m before the station and finishes 100m after the station.

    Will there be medical support?

    Each start wave is followed by one ambulance on the route.

    The ambulance follows the main group/peloton of a start wave, passing cyclists who are not able to stay with the main group / peloton.

    Minor injuries are treated on the spot. Serious injuries are evacuated to the medical post at the start and finish area.

    General Safety reminders:

    In order for everyone to have a safe and memorable ride, we would like you to take note of the following:

    1.   Roads are Not Closed

    The police will attempt a rolling road closure and stop traffic as the peloton of each age group category passes. However, normal road rules still apply. Riders are to keep as close as safely practical to the left hand side of the road, whether in a peloton or not.  The Police have the right to stop the race as they see fit due to any safety concerns that may arise. 

    1.   Point Out Hazards

    The local government makes a tremendous effort to provide good road conditions for the tour. However there may still be some areas with hazards. Warn riders behind you of any immediate danger: potholes, humps, rough road, sharp corners, etc.

    1.   Feed Zone safety

    Slow down for feed zones and allow yourself and other cyclists to collect a bottle area of the feed zones. Attacking just before, at or closely after a feed zone is not only unsportsmanlike, but also puts you and your fellow riders at risk of heat injuries.

    Please be aware at feed zones that some cyclists who are dropped by their peloton will be stopping to collect their drinks. If you want to collect drinks on the move, please cycle slowly through this area exercising caution to avoid clashes with other bikes.

    1.   Drinking on the Move

    Don’t forget to drink amidst all the excitement. Once you start to feel thirsty, the chance that you are dehydrated is high. That is likely to affect your ride and may potentially result in a heat injury.

    1.   Ride Safely

    Don’t put yourself or other riders in danger by swerving or sudden braking. Negotiate sideway movements carefully.  Be considerate.

    8.  Results & Prizes FAQs

    Is there a time limit for me to receive my finisher's medal?

    There is no time limit, as long as you cross the finish line then you can receive the finisher’s medal.

    When will I get my race results?

    Results will be live after the race and will be available for download.



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